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About Dr. Kyle Quinn

Kyle completed his professional training at Southern Cross University with a Master’s of Osteopathic Medicine, a Bachelor of Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Clinical Science. These skills allowed Kyle to develop an eclectic approach to health care that draws on numerous modalities. His approach to health involves a holistic model that incorporates all aspects of a patient’s condition.

Why am I in Pain?

Osteopathic medicine is based on 4 core principles: The structure of the body & the way that it functions are intimately related  The body functions as an Integrated Whole, no part is separate  The body contains an inherent understanding on how to heal itself  Proper blood supply & drainage of the tissues are necessary [...]

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A Wellness Approach to Health Care

Our intention as Osteopaths at Embrace Wellness Centre is to move away from a model of health care that focuses solely on the absence of disease.  Health is much more than eliminating painful symptoms and wellness reaches even further as we strive to achieve optimal wellbeing.  As Osteopaths, we embrace a holistic model of health [...]

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Healthy Bones: Top Tips

Healthy Bones: As part of the natural ageing process, we all experience some degree bone loss throughout our lifetime, but if this process is accelerated you run the risk of suffering from spontaneous fractures.  Osteoporosis - characterised by porous, frail bones, is often talked about as a SILENT disease, meaning you can remain relatively symptom-free [...]

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Neck pain “ouch”.

Neck Pain aka Cervical Spine Sprain/Strain Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal problem encounter by manual therapists.  It typically refers to acute pain arising from injured soft tissue around the neck including muscles, tendons and/or ligaments.  One of the main causes of cervical pain is often due to acceleration-deceleration injuries frequently labelled [...]

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